What is The Good Toy Group?


Mission: To unite and support the best independent toy stores in a member-owned cooperative venture to thrive and compete by promoting creative, culturally-sensitive, quality playthings that foster happy, healthy childhoods and productive lives.  And have fun doing it!

History: The Good Toy Group was ‘IMAGINED’ in the early spring of 1999, in response to a need in the specialty toy market for a holiday catalog.  Other retail catalogs had become unavailable so a group of 21 veteran toy store owners met at the New York Toy Fair to discuss doing one of their own.  The phrase was “if they can do it so can we!”  TGTG was formally organized later that year with the goal of printing the first catalog for the holiday season of the year 2000.

Moving into our 20th year in 2019, TGTG has grown to over 100 members, with 160+ locations and well over 1,000 years of collective experience in the toy industry. We have produced a holiday catalog each year in addition to 3 seasonal catalogs. Our strength lies in the cooperation, dedication, and inventiveness of our members. The structure of our LLC allows for interaction between members while maintaining a strong team of leaders. Our members have won many awards for their stores; they are leaders in our industry and in their community.  Their personal efforts continue to bring good toys to children and promote healthy play.

What We Do For You: Our catalogs present an engaging and informative resource for parents, caretakers, and those who care about kids. Each has a thoughtful selection of toys representing the wide range of interests of the children in our communities. The toys are carefully chosen and tested to meet our high standards. Our catalogs are designed to complement the diversity of each member’s store, and all share the strength of the group.

With membership comes the advantage of full communication between members using our members-only website and our egroup email as vehicles. Immediate interaction within a group of toy professionals gives access to a wide audience for discussion of new ideas, new product, and nation-wide industry news.

We developed our members-only website to hold all key information to lead you through the process of using the catalogs as a primary marketing tool for your business. This site combines all the tools needed to make each catalog successful in your marketing plan.

Information and help is always just an email or call away!

Catalog Goals

Goal 1-  To bring your current customers into your specialty toy store by advertising imaginative, innovative, fun, and developmentally sound playthings for children. 

Goal 2-  To bring new customers to your business after receiving your marketing piece.

Goal 3-  To be culturally sensitive in the presentation and selection processes. 

Catalog Design: The design of the Holiday Catalog is meant to be innovative, informative, and to generate sales for your business.  We strive to have integrity in our copy, strength in our selection, and intelligence in our design.  The catalog is approximately 8.5” by 10.5”, 3.02 oz, 40 pages including covers, in full color. The layout, graphics, and photography will be fresh each year, and will have a strong theme that reinforces the identity of your business.

Product Selection: The Product Director works with a committee of 4 member volunteers each year to select catalog product. Each committee member may serve two consecutive years. The selection process includes previewing product, intensive Toy Fair searching, member suggestions and vendor suggestions. By having a diverse group be the starting point for decisions, the final choices reflect a much stronger and broader view.

Member Input: We ask our member store to participate all year by alerting the group when a new product hits and is a good seller and by contributing suggestions in February after Toy Fair for the first list of choices for catalog inclusion. At the product meeting in early March, the compiled list from all members is the starting point for the current year.  Members are strongly encouraged to make suggestions.

Catalog Vendors: We work with our vendors to accomplish one thing: the best product at the best price. This interaction produces terms for catalog participants to help offset the cost of advertising, plus it makes a positive difference to the bottom line. We also work with vendors to have year-round terms available to all members. TGTG has a goal of being a cooperative buying group that gets the best terms and works in partnership with our vendors.

Retail Pricing: The Good Toy Group uses .99 for all prices in the catalogs. The goal is to be competitive in marketplace, keeping MAPP pricing in mind, while providing the best possible margin for our members’ stores. We use the Perceived Pricing Strategy developed by Phil Wrzesinski as a guideline for our pricing.