How We Do It

All Members participate in our Holiday Catalog. Our flagship piece, the Holiday Catalog represents our collective best thinking for product, design, and trends during the 4th Quarter of the year.

We also offer a year-round program to provide consistent marketing for your store in addition to the Holiday catalog! With these seasonal catalogs, your customers will see an exciting, full-color design, packed with awesome toys. Each catalog is structured to meet the strategy of placing your store as “The Place to Be!” for good toys, excellent service, and product knowledge. Playful, colorful and informative, they are a proven addition to drive business – year-round!
The absolute #1 benefit is being consistently present in your customers’ minds and shopping habits throughout the year.
So, with that in mind, each catalog is designed and focused on:
  • Your customers’ seasonal toy buying needs and what’s special about each season
  • Birthday and gift buying price points
  • On-trend products, new introductions, classic playthings, and themed spreads

Pricing is available by contacting Heather Smith.  


Zip Code Protection Plan

The Good Toy Group is a member-owned LLC, providing zip code protection to its members. When accepted in the company, you will have a list of zips based on your catalog purchase that will be exclusively yours for mailing.

Your zip code protection is based on the zip codes radiating out from your store. We use the US Census data to determine households (population/4) Your coverage must be 10% of households to maintain zip code protection. You may also send 100 pieces into any zip as long as they are customer’s names on your store list.

  • New contracts begin January 1 and members have priority until Toy Fair on their zips. At Toy Fair, all un-contracted zips will be open for new members.
  • All contracts are subject to credit approval

As always, we are just a telephone call away for further discussion. Contact Heather Smith to discuss your store location.

Heather Smith • 516-493-2708

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