About The Good Toy Group


Locally Owned Members

The Good Toy Group is a member-owned cooperative of exceptional toy stores, with great selection and exuberant toy store owners!  We have over 100 members, with 180+ locations and well over 1,000 years of collective experience in the toy industry. Our strength lies in the cooperation, dedication, and inventiveness of our members. Our members have won many awards for their stores; they are leaders in our industry and in their community. Their personal efforts continue to bring good toys to children and promote healthy play. Our stores are filled with quality toys, staffed by experienced, friendly people, dedicated to providing the best customer service. Look for toys that sparkle, and service that shines!

Check our store locator for a toy store near you, and if you live not quite near one of our stores, check out the online shops of our members for fast and efficient help.

Our Mission:  To unite and support the best independent toy stores in a member-owned cooperative venture to thrive and compete by promoting creative, culturally-sensitive, quality playthings that foster happy, healthy childhoods and productive lives. And have fun doing it!

Our catalogs present an engaging and informative resource for parents, caretakers, and those who care about kids. Each has a thoughtful selection of toys representing the wide range of interests of the children in our communities. The toys are carefully chosen and tested to meet our high standards. Our catalogs are designed to complement the diversity of each member’s store, and all share the strength of the group.


Trust us, we’re parents too! We promise you playthings that are safe and wholesome, purchased from sources we know and trust. Our store owners are committed to providing their customers with quality toys.

Shop Locally!

All of our member stores are owned and operated by members of their local communities. They head businesses that provide local jobs, support local community endeavors, support local schools and pay taxes in their own towns and states.
Shop locally, it makes sense to keep your cents in your community!