In-store Marketing

 In store Marketing samples


Bring your fabulous catalog design into your store!

Engaging. Reinforcing. Consistent. Instant Recognition. In-Store catalog support gives a rich appearance for your brand, enhances your identity, and reminds your customers to watch their mailboxes!

We offer marketing support for in-store use including banners and posters that complement the design of the catalog.

Blend your catalog design into your store design.

Comments from those who used them in past years:

  • We hung them from the ceiling and I loved the professional look and how it reinforced our catalog.
  • The banner is hung in my store and adds some brightness and cheer. Do yourself a favor and call the office right now and ask them to send you one! You won't be sorry!
  • We really liked the vinyl banner, hung it in our window, and along came a little boy who said “Mommy, there’s the catalog I loved! Let’s go in here!”
  • We hung two of the bold colored banners in the front window and then loaded the window up with Catalog products! One of our senior staff member said when she came in today- the window looked like a Big-City Window and it made her really excited to have catalog shoppers start coming in!