Our Catalogs & Fliers

Our Holiday Catalog

Our 40-page Holiday Catalog is our flagship piece. Personalized on the front and back covers, our Member's customers will identify your store as the place to shop for toys. As a Member of The Good Toy Group you must participate in our Holiday Catalog. The Holiday Catalog represents our collective best thinking for product, design, and trends during the 4th Quarter of the year. A small 4-page insert allows extra space for you to ‘talk’ to your customers, either offering more coupon opportunities or a place to advertise events and services.

Research proves that consistent marketing is the best answer to successfully getting the attention of your customers

 Our Seasonal Pieces

Our Seasonal Catalogs

We are more than a fantastic holiday catalog! With these seasonal catalogs, your customers will see your exciting cover that’s personalized with your store information, sixteen pages packed with toys and a great introduction to the season. We also offer a year-round program to provide consistent marketing for your store in addition to the Holiday catalog!

With these seasonal catalogs, your customers will see an exciting, full-color design, packed with awesome toys.

Each catalog is structured to meet the strategy of placing your store as “The Place to Be!” for good toys, excellent service, and product knowledge. Playful, colorful and informative, they are a proven addition to drive business – year-round!

The absolute #1 benefit is being consistently present in your customers’ minds and shopping habits throughout the year.

So, with that in mind, each catalog is designed and focused on:

  • Your customers’ seasonal toy buying needs and what’s special about each season
  • Birthday and gift buying price points
  • On-trend products, new introductions, classic playthings, and themed spreads

Each catalog has copy and design structured to meet the strategy of placing your store as the epicenter of good toys, service and product knowledge. Playful, colorful, informative; a perfect blend to drive business.

Summer Flier with Activities

Summer Catalog with or without our Activities Insert

Summer shopping brings its own set of challenges. Drive traffic to your store with a thoughtful and interesting program of summer activities. 10 planned activities are pre-selected, tested and structured to provide a summer worth of visits to your store. All the planning is done for you. The summer activity piece is 16 pages with 4 a page insert containing the schedule and products for the planned in-store activities. This insert can be easily pulled out to post in full view for the family.

In addition, for those that do not want to do activities we offer a non-activity version. This version is a full 16 page summer catalog with the same format and product as the activity version without the insert.

Our summer catalogs showcase about 45 toys with the concentration on summer travel and outdoor play.

Yeah for Summer!